Mac Miller's "Party On Fifth Ave" Allows you to Wonder What Type of Party It Is

Mac Miller's "Party On Fifth Ave" Allows you to Wonder What Type of Party It Is

The second single for Miller's debut album Blue Slide Park is "Party on Fifth Ave.". I.D. Labs produced the track. The familiar sample you hear around the main loop is from "The 900 Number", a 1987 song by DJ Mark the 45 King's. This same catchy loop was sampled in DJ Kool's single from 1966, "Let Me Clear My Throat". The originator from the now popular sample is Marva Whitney who released this sound inside the funky track "Unwind Yourself". Mac Miller Type Beat

Miller's honest motivation for hip-hop may be clearly demonstrated in certain of the mixtapes he released before Blue Side Park. His clever use of social media networks to reveal and market his songs and videos plays a huge role in his success. The strong local group of fans that backs the rapper in the hometown is also one of several essential driving forces in their career. Unfortunately, in relation to "Party on Fifth Ave" the lyrics get this to track lean towards the sloppy side, specially when using such a powerful sample.

It isn't really pretentious to acknowledge that what really makes "Party On Fifth Ave." a descent single is the sample itself. The second you hear the loop play it sucks you in to the nostalgia of that era in hip-hop and also you can't help but to help keep listening to see exactly what the song will deliver. However, Mac Miller fell short with silly lyrics that discuss being "fly", comedian Sinbad and Beetlejuice. All this just seems like hopeless make an effort to come off old school - we realize you're just 20.

Easy Mac's style definitely brings a nostalgic old school party theme to the table, and it works for him. The primary issue on this single is lyrical content, various rappers already write rhyme about old style stuff such as TV shows, toys we played with and cartoons we still remember. Rap acts doing this are Jay Electronica and Lupe Fiasco. Fortunately that Mac Miller is completely new talent and it will be interesting to view how he develops his delivery and writing to boost his credibility. Mac Miller Type Beat

Mac Miller's "Party on Fifth Ave." possesses his own music video which has been directed by Ian Wolfson. Inside the video Wolfson shoots scenes of Mac Miller and his crew dressed as elderly men with canes and mobile scooters for seniors. It is meant to be funny however it is the direction is silly and corny. For the sample with such caliber knowning that has been used in big classic hits of the past, I think Mac Miller could've take the extra hours writing. The director also could've used additional days thinking about a better concept for the video.



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